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Dodge Hellcat-Redeye-TrackHawk-TRX Stage 3 Tune


Tuning Service for Hellcat Cars, Trucks and SUV’s utilizing a built stock displacement engine or Stroker, stock or performance camshaft, aftermarket injectors, a pulley combination (upper/lower) to achieve around 750-800 rwhp (93 Oct capped here) or 800+ on an alternative fuel such as E85 or VP MS109. An aftermarket return style fuel system, and the usual bolt on modifications


*We will NOT tune a vehicle that we believe to have shortcomings in your supporting modifications, for example, your fuel system.*


Example for this is a 2015 Challenger Hellcat 6 Speed Manual, 2.65 Upper Pulley, MMX 7% lower damper, FIC 1440cc injectors, E85 Fuel, Fore Triple Pump return style L4 Fuel system, and similar bolt ons

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