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Hire An EFI Tuner

Find the tuning solution to your problems

Create a TunerMatch Client account and hire a professional tuner. TunerMatch Tuners have been vetted by our staff to ensure quality and safe EFI tuning is being calibrated.

  • How Does the Process Work?

    Watch this video to see the entire process. Click HERE

  • How do I know if the tuner I want to use specializes in my platform/modifications?

    Hire on TunerMatch

    Every verified tuner in TunerMatch will have a profile that lists their software preferences and specialities.  This makes it easier for you to find the best fit for your needs.  We highly recommend writing down a list of all your current modifications and fuel type you use, in addition to any future modifications you plan on making. 

  • Do I need to know how to tune in order to use this service?


    No, through your chosen verified tuner you will be given instructions on how to flash your new tune.  Any required software and hardware will be discussed through your consultation. 

  • Will I need access to a dyno for the duration of service?

    Dyno Use

    This will be dependent on what you and your verified tuner decide to work with.  Dynos are another tool that a tuner can use to simulate road driving without having to drive in unsafe conditions.  However, street tuning is also a great option for drivability purposes, and can be done safely at a track day.


Making Serious Profit

Manage Your Own Business

Become a verified tuner with TunerMatch and start making more money.  Expand your market and reach more customers with ease.

  • How Does the Tuner Process Work?

    Watch this video to see the entire process. Click HERE

  • Expand your market!

    TunerMatch can help you build your client base by connecting you with potential clients around the world.  List your specialites, software preferences, and experience.  Browse the job board for anything that falls in your wheelhouse and begin networking.  With endless possibilities for new clients, you’re bound to grow your business.

  • Troubles with collecting money from clients?

    Nobody enjoys the final exchange of money after performing any service.  TunerMatch makes it easy for you to just perform the service, and we handle the rest for you.  And the best part, you’ll get paid when it's convenient for you.

  • Need help with managing jobs?

    With TunerMatch you will be able to pick and choose the jobs you take based on your expertise.  You are not obligated to take every job inquiry that is sent to you. 


Getting Into Business

Ready to get started with TunerMatch?

Protect your personal email and cell phone by using and chatting with the customer via our portal.

  • Is there an onboarding process for TunerMatch?

    TunerMatch does go through a vetting process.  We aim to protect both the verified tuner and potential clients through this process.  During the sign up process we will ask you for a few items to help us in this process.

  • Am I protected from any possible disputes?

    TunerMatch will act as an intermediary if there is a dispute from your customer.  We will examine the tunes and the damage incurred to the vehicle.  We have industry experts with decades of experience on this panel that will help assess the situation and determine if the tune or mechanical failure caused the damage. 

  • Who sets my rates?

    TunerMatch will not interfere with any verified tuner’s rates.  However we will have guidelines for pricing based on the type of service you plan to offer.  We want to ensure there is an even playing ground across the board for all tuners.